Principio di funzionamento e problemi comuni del punzone pneumatico

Today we are going to learn more about punzone pneumatico. Such as its working principle and common problems we may face in our operation.

  1. Working principle

Pneumatic punch press uses pneumatic clutch to transmit inertia force of flywheel to crankshaft. It also connects rod and slide block for working. The compressor produces the high pressure to deliver compressed gas to solenoid valve through pipeline. Pedal switch controls the working and returning of cylinder, so as to achieve the purpose of punching. The crankshaft and connecting rod are rigid, so the sliding block movement is mandatory.

2. Common problems of pneumatic punch

In the long-term use of pneumatic punch, due to improper assembly and misoperation of the cylinder, the pneumatic actuator is prone to internal and external leakage, insufficient output force and unstable action, poor buffering effect, damage of piston rod and cylinder head of pneumatic punch. Then, how to deal with these problems?

2.1 Piston rod, insufficient supply of lubricating oil, wear or damage of sealing ring and sealing ring, impurities in cylinder and scar of piston rod generally results in the internal and external leakage of cylinder. Therefore, when internal and external leakage occurs, the operator needs to adjust the center of piston rod to ensure the cordiality of piston rod and cylinder barrel; The operator should check the reliability of oil atomizer frequently in order to ensure the good lubrication of the actuator; The operator should replace the seal ring and seal ring of the pneumatic punch press in time; if there are impurities in the cylinder, they should be removed in time; when there are scars on the piston rod, they should be replaced.

2.2 The output force of the cylinder is insufficient and the action is not stable. Generally, the piston or piston rod stuck, poor lubrication, insufficient air supply, or condensate and impurities in the cylinder will result in the punzonatrice pneumatica problems. Therefore, the operator should adjust the center of the piston rod; whether the oil mist eliminator works reliably; whether the air supply pipeline blocks; when there is condensate water and impurities in the cylinder, it should be removed in time.

2.3 The wear of the buffer seal ring or damage of the adjusting screw will result in the poor cushioning effect of the cylinder. At this time, the sealing ring and adjusting screw should be replaced.

2.4 Eccentric installation of piston rod or failure of buffer mechanism will make the damage of piston rod and cylinder head of cylinder. Therefore, the operator needs to adjust the central position of the piston rod; the buffer seal ring or adjusting screw should be replaced.

The above is the working principle and common problems of the pneumatic punch press. If you want to know about the punch press, please click http://www.harsle.com to know more!

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