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Ba mẹo khi bấm lỗ

  1. Punch definition

A punch press is a machine does well in energy saving, high efficiency, low technical requirements for the operator. Inaddtion, it can make products through a variety of die applications, it becomes popular in manufacturing.

2. Applicable scope of punch machines

A. The punch press is suitable for metal punching and shearing, bending, stretching and compression forming.

B. It is not applicable to process brittle materials, such as cast iron, wood, glass, ceramics or easy fuels, such as magnesium alloy.

3. Functional features of Bấm đấm

A. The punch press is suitable for mass production, not for single piece production.

B. The punching machine is with high processing efficiency and material utilization ratio;

C. The punch machine is necessary to work with molds, and one set of molds is only suitable for one product.

4. Classification of punch press

A. According to the slider driving force, we can divide it into mechanical type and hydraulic one . General sheet metal stamping processing, most of the use of mechanical punch.

B. According to the slider drive mechanism, we can divide it into crankshaft type punch, knuckle type punch, friction type punch, screw type punch, rack type punch, CAM type punch, connecting rod type punch.

C. According to the form of the fuselage, we can divide it into fuselage according to the form of the back type (C) and straight column (H) two categories.

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