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Nice! 22 Useful Tips to Use HARSLE Stamping Dies!

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Specifications for Using HARSLE Stamping Dies

  • Before the HARSLE stamping mold is used, it should be checked against the process card to see if the mold used is accurate and consistent with the process card.
  • The operator should understand the performance of the mold and master the correct operation method.
  • Check whether the mold used is in good condition, whether the stamping material used meets the requirements of the process drawing, and prevent the mold from being damaged due to raw materials that do not meet the requirements.
  • Check whether the equipment used meets the process requirements, such as whether the stroke of the press, the tonnage of the press, etc. are matched with the mold used.
Picture 1 HARSLE stamping machine
Picture 1 HARSLE stamping machine
  • Before installing the mold, wipe off the oil, dust, and other sundries on the machine table, slider, and the upper and lower surfaces of the mold.
  • Check whether the stamping mold is installed correctly on the punch press, whether the upper mold body and the lower mold body are fastened on the press machine, and whether the mold installation and closing height are correct, and try to avoid eccentric load. When adjusting the closed height, use manual and inching methods to gradually adjust the stroke depth, and prohibit connecting vehicles before confirming the adjustment.
  • After the mold is installed, check whether the fastening screws of the mold installation base are locked correctly, so as not to damage the mold and machine tool. Correctly use the safety protection and control devices on the equipment, and it is forbidden to store any items that are not related to production on the work surface during the processing of workpieces. During the working process, the state of the mold must be checked regularly, and if there is any looseness or slippage, it should be adjusted in time.
  • Strictly implement the “three-inspection” system in the workshop. The first few products processed by the mold must be carefully inspected according to the process card drawings, and mass production can only be carried out after the first product is qualified.
Picture 2 HARSLE Stamping mold
Picture 2 HARSLE Stamping mold
  • When more than two people are working, there must be a special person to direct and be responsible for the operation of the pedal device.
  • If the height of the mold and the height of the machine tool needs to be adjusted, the pad iron can only be placed under the lower template of the mold; if it is really necessary to pad it on the upper template, it must be carried out under the consent and guidance of the technical personnel.
Picture 3 HARSLE Stamping mold
Picture 3 HARSLE Stamping mold
  • When the mold is in use, the operating rules must be followed. When the equipment is running, it is forbidden to reach into the mold to pick up and place parts and remove residual materials. When using the foot switch to operate, the movements of the hands and feet must be coordinated, refilling or When picking up the item, the foot should leave the foot switch. Every time a workpiece is punched, the hand or foot must leave the button or pedal to prevent misoperation.
  • During the working process, the operation of the mold should be checked at any time, and maintenance and repair should be carried out at any time if any abnormal phenomenon is found.
  • It is necessary to lubricate the surface of the workpiece and the moving parts of the mold in time.
  • After the mold is used, the mold must be correctly removed from the press according to the operating procedures. When disassembling the mold, it must be carried out under the mold closing state. Clean up the work site, and respond to the technicians in time for the problems that arise during the use of the mold.
  • The surface of the disassembled mold should be cleaned to remove oil, dust, and other sundries so that the appearance is clean and free from rust and grease, small tooling should be placed on the shelf, and large tooling should be placed in a designated storage place and placed neatly. Do a good job of lubrication to ensure that the tooling is in good condition, and the tooling storage area must have a storage mark.
Picture 4 HARSLE stamping machine
Picture 4 HARSLE Stamping machine

Precautions for Using HARSLE Stamping Dies

  • Before the mold is installed and used, it should be strictly inspected to remove dirt and check whether the guide sleeve of the mold and the mold are well lubricated.
  • Regularly check the turntable of the punch press and the mold installation base to ensure the coaxial accuracy of the upper and lower turntables.
  • Install the convex and concave molds on the turntable according to the mold installation procedure to ensure that the direction of the convex and concave molds is consistent, especially for molds with direction requirements (non-circular and square) to prevent wrong and reverse installation.  
Picture 5 HARSLE stamping machine
Picture 5 HARSLE Stamping machine
  • When the punch and die edges of the punch die are worn, stop using them and sharpen them in time. Otherwise, the wear degree of the cutting edge of the die will be rapidly expanded, the wear of the die will be accelerated, and the quality of punching parts and the life of the die will be reduced.
  • HARSLE Stamping personnel should use soft metal (such as copper, aluminum, etc.) to make operating tools to install the mold to prevent the mold from being damaged during the installation process.
  • During the transportation of the mold, it should be handled with care, and no throwing or touching is allowed, so as not to damage the cutting edge and guide of HARSLE stamping mold.
  • To ensure the service life of the HARSLE stamping mold, the spring of the mold should be replaced regularly to prevent spring fatigue damage from affecting the use of the mold.  

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