Děrovací stroj

Klasifikace a vlastnosti CNC děrovacího lisu

According to the different drive systems, turret punch press has several different classifications. Such as mechanical CNC věžový děrovací lis, hydraulic CNC turret punch press and servo CNC turret punch press.

1. Mechanical CNC turret punch press

The earliest type of věžový děrovací lis was mechanical transmission type. Due to its own shortcomings such as fixed stroke, unable to improve the impact speed, difficult to form and punch, high energy consumption and high noise, this kind of punch has been eliminated.

2.Hydraulic CNC turret punch press

The hydraulic CNC turret punch press appears with the development of technology. This kind of machine tool drives the punch through the hydraulic cylinder and controls the stamping amount by the servo valve, which has a qualitative leap in the impact speed. Because the stroke is controllable, it can easily realize the control of all kinds of forming stamping size, depth, etc., and can also realize the rolling rib and rolling cutting process, so the hydraulic numerical control turret can be pressed It has been widely used.

But the hydraulic numerical control turret punch also has its shortcomings when the ambient temperature is too low. Because the main motor has been running and the energy efficiency conversion rate is low, the hydraulic oil needs to be changed once a year or even more frequently.

3.Servo CNC turret punch

With the development of science and technology, high-power and high-power servo motor has emerged, and the mainstream servo CNC turret děrovací lis has been developed. The servo motor drives the impact head directly. The stroke control system is better and the machining accuracy is higher. The impact speed is also greatly improved, and the impact noise is effectively reduced to achieve the ideal state.

Because the servo motor works as the actuator, the main motor is in a static state when the punching operation is not carried out. So the power consumption is very low, and there is no need to consume hydraulic oil, which is in line with the production requirements of modern energy conservation and environmental protection. Because the structure of the machine tool is more compact, the floor area is smaller. It also saves the cost of production land effectively.

In addition:

3.1 Deep throat pneumatic clutch punch, welded fuselage, manual stress relief, stable performance;

3.2 The feeding machine body has ultra-wide guide rail spacing, stable operation, ensuring feeding accuracy;

3.3 The control system adopts special intelligent industrial control computer, which is easy to operate, rich in functions and reliable in performance;

3.4 The mold structure of turret is special; the design is simple and the conception is exquisite. The upper and lower die plates lock and position at one time to ensure the co-axially. The striking converted the head mold quickly by rotating.

In addition:

3.5 The structure mainly consists of special hluboký hrdelný úder, platform feeding body and special automatic mold;

3.6 The software is simple and easy to learn, with complete functions. It is convenient and fast to convert CAD graphics directly

3.7 Thin oil automatic circulation lubrication reduces friction loss of moving parts;

3.8 The main transmission parts and electrical parts are imported;

3.9 High speed, high efficiency, high precision, noise reduction and energy saving;

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