Caratteristiche dei diversi tipi di punzonatrice

Ci sono molti tipi di punzonatura, therefore, there are different characters of the punching machines. Let’s know more about the features of the metal punching press.

Firstly, let us see characteristics of open-type tilting power press.

The open-tilting press adopts rigid rotary clutch with single and continuous operation specifications. The slide block has collapse type safety device to avoid damage to the whole machine. The lathe bed is of tilting casting structure, it is convenient for stamping parts or waste materials to slide down from the mold. The feeding device can realize semi-automatic stamping operation.

Secondly, let’s learn more about characteristics of deep-throat premere il potere.

Poeple generally use deep-throat power press to punch sheet metal. For example, the shutter opened in the middle of large electrical box electrical cabinet and cat eye in the middle of the door of anti-theft door. Because the distance between the material hole and the board edge is usually more than 300mm, while the throat depth of ordinary power press is only about 180-230mm. The wall panel is blocked against the board after the sheet material is put into the power press, and the distance between the material hole and the board edge is 300 mm or 500mm. It needs to be realized by deep-throat power press.

In addition, in order to improve production efficiency, some manufacturers need to use deep-throat premere il potere to maximize the numerical control effect. Deep-throat power press is widely used in the noise elimination board, heat sink and cooling hole of fresh-keeping cabinet of aircraft, luxury bus and high-speed EMU.

Last, let’s come to characteristics of pneumatic press.

Il pneumatico premere has a steel plate welding bed, which is with good precision and 6 guide rails with good accuracy. In addition, the pneumatic clutch with double solenoid valve is safer, and hydraulic overload protection system can be used without vulnerable parts. In the meantime, The accuracy is good and the service life is long. The price is expensive, but the service life and safety are good.

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